Valentine's Day isn't just about romance

DOWNEY - Valentine's Day is a holiday that many people feel strongly about one way or another, and among Downey High School students, it seems to be unanimous that students that either support or protest the very popular greeting card holiday spend the day with friends.In elementary school, young students pass around small Valentine acknowledgements to all of their classmates in recognition of the holiday, but in high school, students are known to share the holiday with a loved one. With that being said, not everyone feels the need to necessarily partner up, and many high school students feel that the holiday is a great opportunity to remind friends and family how much they're appreciated. "I think Valentine's Day is a day of appreciation for the people that love and care about you," said Downey High School track athlete Jennifer Sicardi. "People think it's just for a boyfriend or girlfriend, but I think it's for anyone that loves you; a mother, father, grandmother, sister, brother, etc. A simple card to show your love back towards them is all it takes. Of course, I don't mind cute roses and chocolate too!" While many high school students make it a point to spread the love to everyone special in their lives, not all students are completely supportive of the holiday. Some remain skeptical about the true meaning of the greeting card holiday, and what people's true motives are. "While I think love is fine and dandy, I don't much care for Valentine's Day itself," said Downey High School JSA member Jacqueline Nu?±ez. "This may be because I have never had a reason to celebrate it, but mostly I think it derives from the fact that Valentine's Day has become so commercial. I feel like there's no real feeling or emotion behind it anymore. But I suppose a day to celebrate love when there is so little optimism in the world can hardly be considered a bad thing." Whether in support of the holiday, or in opposition, it seemed unanimous among students asked that they will in fact be doing something special for February 14, even if that something is with their closest friends. "I am spending the day with close friends," said Downey High School ASB student Alejandra Martinez. "To not have someone that you're romantically tied to doesn't stop me from spending the day with people I love." Sicardi has similar plans. "As long as I'm with the people I love, I'll be having the best Valentine day ever," said Sicardi. "Maybe I'll go to a nice dinner with my friends because they are my loved ones, the ones that are truly there for me. What's better than eating out with your friends? Eating out with your friends on Valentine's day!" So the results are in: Valentine's Day for most high school students is a day to spend with people you love, even if friends and family are those special people. "I don't think anybody is truly an anti-valentine type of person- everyone likes being appreciated," said Nu?±ez.

********** Published: February 03, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 42