Vampire Weekend knows how to please a crowd

LOS ANGELES - This past Sunday at the world famous Hollywood Bowl, Vampire Weekend rocked the stage with an electrifying performance, catering to nearly 18,000 eager fans.Vampire Weekend is a rookie indie rock band who was still trying to prove themselves, until the release of their 2010 hit album Contra reached the number one spot across the globe. While still being a fairly new band, they've released chart topping hits such as A Punk, Oxford Comma, and Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa, ultimately helping them reach enough acclaim to sell out a venue as prestigious as the Hollywood Bowl. "They played my favorite songs, Walcott and Oxford Comma, so well, I loved it," said Tiare King. "Some of the songs were played slower or faster than they were recorded but the experience was still awesome. I can't wait for their next album and tour; I'd definitely go to another one of their concerts." While some bands who are new to touring and playing sold out venues tend to get stronger over time, Vampire Weekend seemed to please fans right from the get go. Right when the band first went on, you could feel the energy surge through the crowd. "The concert was amazing, as soon as the first song was played a huge smile came across my face," said Kimberly Chagolla. "It most certainly did not lack in any aspects, they sound as great as they do on their CD- maybe even better!" Vampire Weekend clearly didn't disappoint, but how was the venue? To many, a venue can make or break a concert experience, and in order to achieve a completely satisfying evening, the venue is a crucial part of the night. Since the Hollywood Bowl is a very well known place, many people already knew what they were getting into before they even arrived. "The Hollywood Bowl is an amazing venue. To me, playing there is a sign that the band you're about to see is a big deal. I've been to a few shows there, and I just think that everything sounds more amazing at the Hollywood Bowl," said Matthew Apodaca. The sound outside is just great, much better I think than most indoor venues. It's just a great place to bring a picnic, some good friends or a significant other, and have yourself an evening." Along with Vampire Weekend and the venue seeming to please most, there was another aspect of the Hollywood Bowl that only made many concert goers even more pleased. The Hollywood Bowl offers a service called Park and Ride, where the concert goers pay $5.00 ahead of time when ordering tickets, and get a wonderful shuttle service to the concert. They'll pick up from a location of the buyers choosing, and shuttle the person to and from the concert- not only that, but at the end of the concert, the busses are located conveniently at the front of the venue, right next to the freeways. No traffic, no hassle, and no unnecessary waiting. Vampire Weekend is an up and coming band that has clearly placed their stake in the world of music, and they definitely don't seem to be letting up. Check them out and see what all of the positive fuss is about, maybe even wait for them to come back to The Hollywood Bowl, and enjoy the evening at a venue that is sure not to disappoint.

********** Published: September 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 24