Venti latte, hold the attitude

Dear Editor:I am new to Downey and a confessed Starbucks addict. I live within walking distance of the Firestone and Lakewood location and within close driving distance to the drive-thru location on Lakewood and Telegraph. I would first like to address the Telegraph location because I often bypass it because it's out of the way during my morning commute. This location is by far the hardest business to get into going northbound on Lakewood; I like to call it a death trap. Anytime that I do manage to get in the drive thru, which has been a total of four times since I have moved here, EVERY single time the employees have messed up my order. This, as you can imagine, is very frustrating since as we all know it's not exactly cheap to love this coffee. Knowing that, my other option is Firestone and Lakewood. The parking there is a challenge with the bank taking up 75% of the parking. After that dilemma, upon entering the store I have not once received a hello, a good morning, a how are you, and I would like to point out that I myself am a very bubbly person and I always greet people out of common decency and not obligation. On numerous occasions at this location my drink has been bypassed for a "regular." If I am there first is it not common sense that my drink should reach the pick-up podium first? On my most recent visit my venti consisted of 1/2 foam and 1/2 coffee and my sleeve was tossed at me. Had I wanted a half-coffee I would have ordered a tall; it is ridiculous that I pay $5 and the barista won't even bother filling my cup to the rim! So with rude service and poor barista training my only other nearby option is the location at the Downey Landing and that, as we all know, is not an easy feat when we are rushing in the morning. So I now find myself ordering my venti lattes in Long Beach. So much for Dining in Downey. - Micaela Fresquez, Downey

********** Published: December 4, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 32