Veterans Day

Dear Editor:On Friday, Nov. 11, it's time to fly your flag. It's Veterans Day. Post it at dawn, just as the first rays of the sun streak across the morning sky. It's a time to recall those who never came home, those who continue to suffer from the wounds of war, and to those who were lucky enough to return without injury. At dusk, carefully and slowly lower the flag then fold and store it. In World War II we'd stand at ridged attention saluting our flag as the bugler played the soul-stirring strains of reveille. Veterans Day is America's day for saying thanks to those who served our country. It seems we always have a war going on somewhere, sometime for reasons often unknown, but at least we have one going. Our current engagement is winding down with the loss of thousands of lives and a cost of a few trillion dollars. -- Byron Dillon, Downey

********** Published: November 10, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 30