Veterans monument

Dear Editor:I moved to Downey close to my mom and sisters after my divorce in 1995. I have been a resident since then. I also married my wife, Darlene, who has been a resident of Downey all of her life (52 years). I read the Downey Patriot weekly. About three weeks ago, the Patriot stated that the City Council will be burning $50,000 on a fireworks display on July 4, Independence Day. The following week a veteran from Downey had his Letter to the Editor published. It stated how he had been asking Mayor Mario Guerra for the past two years if the city would finance and erect a memorial monument honoring our fallen, wounded and Purple Heart-awarded veterans. As I was reading in last week's Patriot about the death of Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Whittle, it really hit home. We also have our son, Marine Lance Cpl. Steven M. Yniguez Jr., in Afghanistan. He was deployed May 7, 2009, about the same time as Whittle. I do feel it's time for the mayor and the city to recognize our fallen, wounded and Purple Heart-awarded veterans. How can you compare $6,000 [the estimated cost of a monument] to $50,000? I also want to send our thoughts and prayers to Joshua, his mother, his family and all fallen veterans. I want to thank all veterans who have and are now serving our country for our freedom and independence. - Steven M. Yniguez Sr., Downey

********** Published: June 19, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 9