Voice for voters

Dear Editor:I finally received the sample ballot voting booklet on Oct. 16, more than two weeks later, long after mail-in ballots were sent out and probably voted on, starting on Oct. 4. ("Missing Booklets," Letters to the Editor, 10/14/10) People can and probably did mail in their votes without having full knowledge of Measure A in Bellflower, for or against it. That's election fraud against the people. In the same booklet, there is a supposedly impartial analysis of Measure A, written by the author of the measure. That's impartial? Looks more like a doom and gloom shill job by a lawyer whose pay comes from the city, through you, the taxpaying paymaster. I think it is a blatant misuse of taxpayers' monies and a conflict of interest by the city and hired attorney. More election fraud against the people. Using the people's money to tax themselves in order for them to benefit. People's taxes pay all bills and wages. The Press-Telegram aids and abets this election fraud against Bellflower residents by not printing vital information relating to this election, my letter to their editors last week. Of course they get revenue from the city too. They don't want the voters to be too smart, so they decide for us what's right and wrong. The Downey Patriot is the only paper in Southern California that gives a full page of opinions only, while the big guys wonder why their readership and revenue from subscribers is declining. They have to look no further than their own mirror. -- Joe Cvetko, Downey

********** Published: October 21, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 27