Voting power

Dear Editor:It appears those in congress are more concerned with representing their respective parties than serving their constituents. This is just another example why term limits should be put in place. According to our founding fathers, these offices were never intended to be made a career choice. From all the "entitlement" programs which they put into place for themselves, the majority demonstrate a total lack of regard to the citizens of this country. They seem to enjoy the power and the benefits that accompany their office of responsibility. Unfortunately these same groups of people are the only ones that can make all the much needed corrections to our current situation. We as citizens cannot make the change due to the fact there are no procedures for placing "Propositions" measures in place for federal changes as there is in this state which in many cases is a public joke. Remember the proposition that required English to be established as the official language in California? The proposition was passed by a large majority of the voters and yet the same night of the election, leaders of various groups were already saying if the proposition passed they already had the paperwork prepared for filing in court the following morning to disregard the public vote. These groups did file their petitions and what the voters wanted meant nothing (a flaw that still needs desperate amending) and the proposition was terminated. That alone really instills the confidence in me that my vote counts and means nothing. The point I'm trying to make is between the Federal elected officials and the majority of State elected officials, all or the majority of them seemed to have reached a point where they feel they are not accountable to the general citizenry of this country. This is a very sad commentary to make, let alone feel. When people such as Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters can make comments such as they have in the past and do so without any real repercussions, something is terribly wrong in the system. But then after all, these elected representatives are put into office by their constituents whom they are supposed to reflect the general attitudes and beliefs of. Democratic or Republican makes no difference to me. Honesty, truthfulness and sincerity are what I value and look for in all candidates. Almost every election for several years now, I feel like I am voting for the lessor of the evils for the majority of all elected offices. --David Abney, Downey

********** Published: September 22, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 23