Wants Obama out

Dear Editor:In response to Colin Clarke's claim that $4 billion spent in negative advertising go to the 1 percent of the wealthy who control our TV stations and that this is done to influence government that is favorable to them: I'm not sure Mr. Clarke has been paying attention, but even some in the "liberal mainstream media" have now readily admitted that they were not fair to Hillary or McCain (or Bush). Although California politics has nearly fallen off the left cliff, I still vote, and vote for those who believe in our Constitution. President Obama has, until the last week or so, been the benefactor of the 1 percent that he decries. Can you say Solyndra? Can you say Elexon? Can you say Tony Rezko? No to mention thousands of others. Mr. Clarke mentioned the 2000 election of Bush-Gore. What about the Wisconsin election that was a total fraud and tipped the U.S. Senate to the Democrats? What about ACORN that continues to cheat but just changes the name of the organization? Guess people think we are all dumb and not paying attention, but I know many of us are paying attention and want Obama and Reid out. Maggie Allen Downey

********** Published: August 30, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 20