Warren band wraps up season

DOWNEY - Warren High School's band recently wrapped up a successful season, competing in seven competitions and taking first place three times, second place twice and third place once.The final competition was the Southern California School Bands and Orchestra Association's (SCSBOA) Championship held at Warren High on Dec. 3. For the first time, Warren medaled and earned the bronze medal at the championships. Below is a rundown of the band's season: John F. Kennedy Field Tournament (Oct. 8, 2011) Band: 1st Place 69.55 Color Guard: 1st Place 73 Percussion: 1st Place overall 78 Baldwin Park Field Tournament (Oct. 22) Band: 1st Place 74.4 Color Guard: 3rd Place 79 Percussion: No Trophy (1st in Division 73) Loara Field Tournament (Oct. 29) Band: 2nd Place 79.55 Color Guard: 1st Place 75.5 Percussion: No Place 73.5 (12th out of 16, 4th out of 6 in division) Warren Field Tournament (Nov. 1) Band: 85.8 (Sweeps, General Effect Sweeps if competing 317) Color Guard: 86 (2nd overall if competing) Percussion: 88 (sweeps if competing) Sierra Vista Field Tournament, Las Vegas (Nov. 12) Band: 3rd Place 84.55 *did not compete in finals due to injuries; no percussion or guard judge, boa-style adjudication Westminster Field Tournament (Nov. 16) Band: 2nd Place 81.05 Color Guard: 1st Place 77.5 Percussion: 81 (5th out of 14, no trophy) Savanna Field Tournament (Nov. 19) Band: 1st Place, 81.05 Color Guard: 77 (no overall trophy, 1st in division, 11th out of 19) Percussion: 77 (no overall trophy, 1st in division, 9th out of 19) SCSBOA Championships (Dec. 3) Band: 3rd Place (bronze) 86.75 Color Guard: 9th Place 80.5 Percussion: 2nd Place 89.5

********** Published: January 19, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 40