Warren High club turns Downey Avenue pink

DOWNEY – Driving through Downey Avenue recently, you may have noticed the array of pink ribbons displayed on the street. This project was conceived under the direction of a new student club at Warren High School called Stay Connected.  The primary objective of this initiative was to raise breast cancer awareness in Downtown Downey by linking residents to the cause.

With the collaboration of Warren’s Positively Pink club, Stay Connected was able to gather 60 students at Stay Gallery to work on the project. Participants collected names from residents in the community who had been victimized by breast cancer and wrote them on a plaque.  Plaques were then paired with pink ribbons, which were tied around posts and trees down Downey Avenue.

One of the most rewarding parts of this experience was witnessing the excitement on people’s faces when they found a ribbon honoring their loved one.  It was interesting to see how a simple deed had such a significant effect on residents in the community.  Stay Connected aims to continue this direct link between students and the community by working with local organizations to address meaningful issues present in Downey.

Next, they hope to offer some financial relief to low income families in the community by donating a Thanksgiving meal to them this holiday.  To do so, they plan to hold a series of events at Warren High School and Stay Gallery to raise money.  This money will offer students the opportunity to buy the thanksgiving meals and give back.

To donate to one of these families or to help fund the clubs future projects, please contact Daniela Keeler at Daniela.keeler@gmail.com.



Published: Nov. 6, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 30