Warren Prom Recap

On May 9, the House of Blues of Anaheim hosted Warren High's 2009 senior prom from 8 p.m. to midnight. The location of the dance was perfect for seniors due to the entire atmosphere of Downtown Disney. While dance attendees were arriving a long line stretched outside of the venue. Strict security was outside of the dance checking for unwanted items such as alcohol, markers, pens, cigarettes, and weapons while Warren's administration admitted and greeted students.Prom pictures were on the minds of most seniors attending the dance. A long line was formed on the second floor of the venue, wrapping around the whole balcony. Sanford Studios provided students with pictures allowing them to take group, individual and/or couple photos. They offered several forms of packages for seniors ranging from all separate price ranges, prices ranged from $45 to $100. The theme of the dance, "One More Time" was thought of by ASB and a few participating seniors. Surveys and suggestions were provided by seniors with several ideas for the dance. Parking was essential when it came to picking a venue, for the dance parking was free for the first five hours. The House of Blues was able to maintain almost all of the seniors in attendance. There were several balconies which were not as crowded as the dance floor. Many seniors were caught dancing and overlooking the dance. Beverages and appetizers were given out to prom attendees, empty cups were found through out the dance. The empty bars were used as a rest area where attendees were allowed to cool down with refreshments. The dance floor was at the very bottom of the 3-floor venue, a stage occupied the DJ and also the MC of the night. Many of the songs played came from all sorts of genres. A crowd favorite was "Suavemente." Another song that seemed to catch everyone's attention was "You A Jerk" by the New Boys. As soon as this song was played many people rushed to the dance floor and began "jerking." As the night was beginning to come to an end, the music began to slow down and the lights dimmed, the room grew silent, as it was time to announce prom king and queen. A roar of anticipation could be heard through out the House of Blues as they announced Quincy Drayton and Kat Wheeler as Prom king and queen. Overall, the dance was a hit, playing the latest music and providing seniors with one of their last memories of high school.

********** Published: May 29, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 6