Dear Editor:Yet another elected official admits to lying to the American citizens, admitting he did, in fact, lie about his involvement with women via the Internet and photos sent to them by him. This seems to be a popular trend. Commit the act, lie about it time after time, then later admit it was all a lie, become apologetic, and all is supposed to be forgiven. It worked for Bill Clinton and several others before and after him, so why shouldn't Weiner give it a shot? This is just another example of why (I suspect) the general public does not believe or trust those elected officials whom are supposed to be "our" elected officials and representing our best interests. To me, a liar is no better than a thief. Neither can be trusted. As a rather recently proud retired police officer and retired Vietnam veteran, I really hope I live to see the day strict penalties are applied to all elected officials, whether or not they are local, county, state or federal level. I only mention being a retired police officer for one simple fact: in a police career, if an officer is caught lying about anything, he or she will be faced immediately with termination. Why? It comes down to credibility. If an officer who has been given the responsibility of public trust lies, then his or her credibility is lost and they can no longer serve the public. This is how it should be and also be applicable to all elected or appointed officials. So many of these people lie to American citizens, it has become almost second nature to do so with no regret or little repercussion. As an additional item, I have and continue to disagree with our troops being deployed in the Middle East (another Vietnam), however, I am proud to see how they are being treated by the majority of American citizens. It is a sharp contrast to the way Korea War and Vietnam War troops were treated. I'd much prefer to see troops deployed to our borders to augment the Border Patrol. -- David Abney, Downey

********** Published: June 9, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 8