What are you thankful for?


TonyaAndAdileny Sanchez: I am thankful for my lil blessing God sent me. Raider Tommy: I am thankful that as of today my mother, Rose Ann Garcia, is cancer free. She overcame colon cancer.

Misses Darling: I am thankful for my family and all those that create a positive impact in their lives within the City of Downey. I am thankful for the great, dedicated teachers within the Downey Unified School District, the ASPIRE Afterschool Program, TLC for providing such wonderful resources, Dr. Mary Stauffer for her wonderful contributions to our schools, and the Keep Downey Beautiful program for keeping our neighborhood looking tidy.

Mayor Fernando Vasquez: For my health, family, friends and my amazing wife. I will cherish this year’s memories.

Lily Canales: I’m thankful for my ray of sunshine who is healthy and joyful.

Mandy Nava: Thankful for Griffith Middle School in making a huge academic change in my son’s life. He always struggled in elementry (LAUSD) and he is now catching up and getting on track! Thanks to the passionate teachers at Griffith Middle School.

Rose Weyman: I am thankful to the entire community of Downey for coming together and embracing change. The city of Downey has grown tremendously in the last 4 years and I love it! Let’s keep the positive energy high and the goals higher. When you are high you accomplish more.

This week I am especially thankful to Kirkwood Christian Elementary after school program for helping me with my children. They provide a safe after school program. My children got their homework done and had a lot of social interaction with other kids. They had so much fun, they didn’t want to come home. Thank you Kirkwood and thank you Mr. Joel for you prayers.

Lana Joy: I am thankful for my new baby daughter, her two wonderful big brothers and their awesome dad, Andrew Wahlquist, who happens to also be an awesome husband. I am thankful for a thriving arts scene that is embraced by the community, and to live in a city that truly embodies every sense of the word community.

Pixie Bavle-Nolin: I’m thankful I can turn my head to backup out of the driveway. I’m thankful for legs and arms that work so I can get up and get something. I’m thankful for the parents, family and life God gave me. It all led me to the places I’ve been, people I’ve known, experiences I’ve had (good and bad) that made me who I am and has kept me in Downey for over 50 years. Just plain thankful for everything God has done.

Misty Linden Hausmann: I’m thankful for my health, friends , one demanding but sweet husband and two ungrateful but independent daughters. Oh, and my nephews and nieces too

Zoe Rabago: Everything & everyone in my life.

Benjamin Valdez: I’m thankful for friends and family. And all the memories with people we lost.

Matt N Lita Ramirez:  I am thankful for God’s grace, mercy and love. Thankful that my husband of 16 years was designed for me. Thankful for our three children. Thankful for our church and church family at FBCD. Thankful for our children’s schools: Kirkwood Christian Schools, DHS and Stauffer Middle School. Thankful for our local government and law enforcement. Thankful for my great neighbor, Lisa Fox, and great mentor, Mrs. Elsa Van Leuven.

Maribelle Esqueda: I am thankful that I have God in my life who affords me so many opportunities to be a better person every day.

Rosa Leon: I am thankful for life, health, my children, my marriage, and most importantly God’s love.

Donna Marie: Thankful for my family’s health. For our provisions.For God’s amazing grace. For love & forgiveness.

Natalie Ann Perez: For life in general, a job, family, a great community, amazing friends, God’s sacrifice on the cross, even for the hard moments I’ve faced...they have made me the woman I am.

Brenda Quezada: My family, my health and my job.

Molly Casas: I’m thankful for Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all our sins, and rose again on the 3rd day. Please repent from your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart and you will have eternal life.

JC Mendoza: I am thankful for my family and my health.

Eduardo Suastegui: I’m thankful for parents that sacrificed so much to impart faith and bring me to this country.

Dee Anda: I’m thankful for many things. Most importantly life, family, friends and that I live in the beautiful city of Downey.

Antonio Diaz: I am thankful for my loving family, passionate friends, and supportive parents. Without them I would be nothing.

Caroline Medina: Our educators, our community, and of course, family.

@just_chris15: My family and friends that I am lucky enough to consider my family.

@idgaf_jackiee: I am thankful for my loving family, my great friends and my awesome job.

@HealthyDowney: The City of Downey Parks and Recreation Department!



Published: Nov. 27, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 33