What's rather hideous?

Dear Editor:I find it quite odd and even funny that at this late date someone is still defending and justifying its role in the building of the structure. ("That's Rather Hideous," 3/26/10). [Staff writer Christian Brown] gives us the history of the structure - which is still under construction - and extols the fact that it has five bedrooms and three garages. I was just curious, what about the other seven parking spaces which will be needed at some time or another? Obviously there still must be some controversy over it if the subject can still make the front page of the Patriot. After comparing the two photos I do not believe there is anyone who can see a resemblance between the structure and Palazzo Poli. Maybe the paper could take a poll? I attempted to see the similarities. Could it be the large marble columns with their splendid capitols? No, that's not the same. Could it be the large marble statues that adorn the front of the building? No, that's not it. Oh I know, it's the decorative freeze that borders the roof line, but again, there was no resemblance. I also failed to notice any baroque fountain. I finally concluded that the only things they share is that they both have a roof, door and windows. The truth is that the department that permitted the construction has set a precedent that if you bring in a photo of a structure from another part of the world it will be permitted. Maybe now we might see replicas of igloos, teepees, the Taj Mahal or even a pyramid. I agree with the article's headline that states "Well that's rather hideous." - Ed Romero, Downey

********** Published: April 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 2