When it comes to smart phones, teens have different tastes

DOWNEY - Today, technology is constantly advancing and evolving, and students rely heavily on cell phones to keep them in constant communication with friends, and to keep them entertained.Students everywhere are known for being glued to their cell phones, and while students do heavily rely on their cell phones, they each have their own unique tastes. "I have a Droid, and I completely love it," said Downey High School graduate and Downey resident Ben Temple. "I love my phone, and my service provider. I seriously get signal everywhere, and the customer service is really great when you need it." Others are less satisfied with their phones. "I use the Palm for Sprint, and I have to say, I'm not pleased," said Downey High School graduate Cory Ramirez. "The phone itself isn't that great, and seems to freeze up on me often - I've only had it one year! It also can't hold a charge, and doesn't offer very many free applications, unlike other phones. I really enjoy texting on it though, and I can't wait to get a new phone that I can use more." While there's no doubt that students are strongly connected to their cell phones, whether they love them or not, what is it about the phones that actually draws them in? Is it the sleek design? Or maybe it's the thousands of applications that some phones offer? For everyone, it seems to be a little different. "I literally use my phone for everything, but I guess I mainly use it for texting and checking my Facebook," said Temple. "The best application for my Droid by far is advanced app killer. It lets you turn off applications that are running in the background which frees up some memory. I love that they have this because it makes your phone so much faster, but still allows you to have multiple applications, like other phones." Of course, many students will have similar interests, they do vary a little. "My main use for my phone is definitely texting and the browser," said Downey High School graduate David Mullins. "My two favorite applications for my phone are Facebook and the Bank of America apps, because they enable me to do things I would normally need to either be at home for, or use my laptop for. The iPhone is great for applications and Internet browsing, which really makes it perfect for me." With all of this talk of cellular technology, it had to be asked - what will change, if anything, now that a new carrier, Verizon, is bringing out one of the world's most loved phones? "Having the iPhone for Verizon honestly doesn't make much of a difference to me," said Temple. "I honestly think that the Droid all-around is a better smart phone." While some focus on their own opinions, others focus on the broader picture. "I honestly have no strong opinion on the iPhone being available for Verizon customers, because I don't feel it matters that much," said Mullins, "I mean it's good that two carriers have the phone now, but I strongly doubt that AT&T will lose any business like many are suggesting." There you have it - phones are a part of a student's way of life, for varying reasons. Whether you're sporting the Droid, or planning on running out to get that new iPhone for Verizon, make sure that the phone is in tune with your own personal interests, so that you don't end up disappointed. "The phone looked great when I was playing with it in the store, but it doesn't do nearly half the things that I really value in a cell phone," said Ramirez.

********** Published: February 17, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 44