“White Out Bullying”

Sussman Middle School students and teachers held an anti-bullying rally last month. This year’s theme was “White Out Bullying.” “We had an excellent turn out of students proudly showing our community that we stand against bullying and strive every single day to make sure all students and staff feel safe at Sussman Middle School,” said vice principal Anita Anora, Ed.D. “We’ve had events all week long including a pledge that our students took against bullying. With the pledge they received a “Pause” button that represents how each student pledges to “pause” before posting or saying something that may not be so nice.  We also held an art competition and shared many anti-bullying videos with our student body over the morning announcements.

“Lastly students, teachers, staff, and administrators signed an Anti-Bullying Banner that we now have up in the office for the week to represent our pledge against bullying.”



Published: Nov. 6, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 30