Will you go to Winter Formal with me?

Creative ways to get a date to the traditional Winter Formal dance for Warren High School are given an extra incentive and reward this year with the "Ask Me to Formal" school-wide competition.Students are encouraged to record their own unique way of asking that special someone to the dance and submit the video to ASB for a chance to win two tickets to Winter Formal. This year's Winter Formal theme is "Retro Romance," and will be held tonight from 7 to 11 p.m. at Club V20 in Long Beach. "The theme Retro Romance revolves around this idea of vintage and old-fashioned love, and not to mention retro fashion," said Deanna Kim, the ASB Dance Commissioner at Warren. "This theme was voted on democratically by ASB. Because Winter Formal is at Club V20 this year, we thought Retro Romance would be a formal enough theme that would also match the fun club venue. "Decorations are going to be provided for by Club V20, which is already extravagantly decorated. The theme and colors, like neon green, orange, and pink, are going to be incorporated through the tickets and advertisements, and the venue will also provide neon laser lights." Being the first time Warren has ever held "Ask Me to Formal", ASB, the host of this competition, is anticipating how well their turnout will be. The requirements are quite minimal, as ASB requires 10 entries to start off the contest, and applicants are only required to turn in a two-minute video of their creative moment, which can be submitted at askmetoformal@yahoo.com. All entries will be viewed by a panel of judges that will select the winner. "We know that high school dances are fun highlights of the year," said ASB President Kayleigh Cook. "And we just wanted to incorporate a unique event to get more students excited about Winter Formal." Indeed, Winter Formal is quite an event that is popularly looked forward to amongst the student body population, as some students have been preparing for this dance even weeks before the event. As Winter Formal approached, more and more students have found their dates through either simple or extravagant ways.

********** Published: January 29, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 41