William Martin dies peacefully

DOWNEY - William J. Martin, born Oct. 28, 1915, died peacefully on Aug. 16 after a short illness, with family and friends having time to visit with him.His wife of over 40 years, Jane Martin, passed away in 2006. He is survived in his immediate family by his stepson, John Barnes, and his brother, Edward Martin. Martin was born in Toronto, Canada, and spent his childhood in Southern California. He worked for 50 years at Pacific Pump Works in Huntington Park, where he worked as a Methods Manager. After retirement, he turned his industrial engineering knowledge to inventing a plated metals strength testing process, now used extensively in aviation and aerospace. Martin and his wife enjoyed traveling throughout the world, and both were also active in local charitable and cultural organizations.

********** Published: August 26, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 19