Woman's Club hands out $4K scholarships

DOWNEY - Sarabeth Schibler, who graduated this week from Warren High School with a 4.7 grade point average, has been awarded a $4,000 scholarship from the Woman's Club of Downey. Schibler will attend Cornell University in the fall.

The Woman's Club, through its foundation, awards academic and vocational scholarships worth $4,000 each year. The scholarship is paid through four annual payments of $1,000.

Past scholarship recipients include Warren High students Richard Lee (Princeton), Natalie Bertinelli (UCLA) and Dana Kendall (Brigham Young), and Downey High students Dora Alvarez (Berkeley), Victoria Beyrooty (UCLA) and Megan Newbold (UCLA).

Pam Pontes and Juana Garcia, who are scheduled to graduate from Downey Adult School's nursing program this December, also received scholarships.

Dana Kendall, who just completed her third year at Brigham Young, said the scholarship provided her an opportunity to study in Spain.

"Most importantly for me, I have been able to live in a special dorm for two years - a language immersion program where I only speak Spanish in my apartment so that I can learn to be fluent," Kendall wrote in a letter to the Woman's Club. "I now have one year left until I graduate with a bachelor's degree in Spanish translation, and the Woman's Club scholarship has helped make it possible for me to truly become fluent. I hope to follow your example one day and help other students when I am in a position to do so."

********** Published: June 21, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 10