Working dog

Dear Editor:Several months ago I witnessed an exchange. A woman was handing over what appeared to be a small, gorgeous white dog to a panhandler. The pink halter and leash indicated the dog was a female. My heart went out to this little defenseless poodle, and I thought about the fate that awaited her. The light changed and I had to go. The following day or so, at the same location, I saw the same bearded panhandler clutching the poodle under his arm and asking for money. Just as I suspected, the dog was a prop. I saw this little dog turn into a dirty, knotted, grey street dog. I felt hopeless and thought she may have a rightful owner. At times I would come home from work and tell my husband, "I saw the poodle working tonight." And my heart would just sink. I agonized over this defenseless little dog and often thought about how I could rescue her. I just hoped he loved her and took good care of her. Well, the answer to my riddle became apparent when one night as I was coming home from work I witnessed a couple walking together at a fast pace with a little grey dog in tow. It finally hit me that this woman was the same woman that handed the poodle over to the same man. I watched in horror (at a stop light near McKenna's cars) that a small poodle was being ignored and practically dragged as she tried to keep up with the couple who were rushing. At one point, the poodle attempted to stop and sniff, or possibly relieve herself, but was quickly yanked by the leash and dragged away. If you lost a dog some time last year and fits the description, the "working dog" is under the freeway, between Downey and Norwalk. Also on Studebaker Road in Norwalk. Please help find the rightful owner. -- Molly Lapin, Downey

********** Published: February 2, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 42