World of Decor's demise

Dear Editor:Whether one likes or dislikes the "unique and often outlandish home furnishings" of the now defunct World of Decor ("World of Decor is Kaput," 10/6/09,, one must rue the closing of yet another business in Downey, a closing due in some part to a municipal bureaucracy that is at best unfriendly to business, and at worst downright discouraging to local merchants and entrepreneurs. The reported clashes between The World of Décor and the City Council over keeping products in the back lot, and over holding "unpermitted" auctions smack of a lack of leadership and tunnel vision among our local politicos. One is reminded of the fight several years ago between the City Council and Arthur's restaurant over a sign that was considered in violation of code because it was too high. The fact that Arthur's sign could be seen from the freeway, and thus encourage business among travelers, never dawned on the City Council members as a possible remedy to a decreasing tax base. Where is the city of Downey going to increase its commercial tax base if the City Council continues to harass and hassle local business over minor infractions until the business owners are forced to close? -Michael J. Parmer, Downey

********** Published: October 9, 2009 - Volume 8 - Issue 25