Letter to the Editor: Serendipitous generosity

Dear Editor:

On Friday, March 18, I went to In N Out on Firestone Boulevard to purchase a double double and fries for dinner.

As I was about to enter, there was a man just outside the door with a baseball cap turned upside down asking for money. I shook my head “No” and proceeded inside. I ordered and stood to the side to await my food.

During this wait, I had decided to give the man some money as I left. But also, I noticed one of the employees talking to the man. She came in and he left his station at the door. My assumption was that she had told the man to leave, that he couldn’t beg on the premises. I then noticed the man go to the other entrance to stand outside. My thought this time was that he figured she would forget about him until he had gotten more money.

Then I thought, instead of giving him money I would ask him to come in and I would pay for his order. So, I went outside and asked him if he wanted something to eat but he mumbled something about, “it's coming.” I figured he didn’t understand and went back inside to wait. A few minutes later, the same employee picked up a bag with a hamburger and fries inside and walked out to the man and gave it to him. She had a smile on her face.

Thank you In N Out for cultivating a corporate environment that sets your employees free to help others.

Steven Mansell