Youth & Government

DOWNEY - Two-thousand-four-hundred California teens gathered at the state capital over the course of five days last weekend, presenting bills and proposals to be implemented into the California legislature. This program is known as the Youth and Government, it is a statewide run program designed to educate future generations on politics and governmental policies and procedures. Thus sparking its motto, "Democracy must be learned by every generation". California teens have attended state wide conferences to prepare them for their February convention in Sacramento. Over the past 60 years, Youth and Government has been responsible for allowing teens to grow essentially while supplying them with leadership skills that they carry on into other endeavors in life. Their focus is to mold strong, free thinking citizens while allowing them the freedom to choose their own course into other aspects of the program. With hundreds of delegations throughout the state of California extending as far as Eureka to San Diego, it is no surprise there is a delegation nearby.A local delegation resides close to home, the Downey-South Gate Delegation (DSG). This delegation is composed of 19 delegates, ranging freshman to seniors, who attend Downey, Warren, South East and South Gate High school. A few of the Downey delegates include; Amy Gebert , Christy and Jonathan Gera, Elena Alonso , Nichelle Esquitin, Leonela Chaj, Amanda Flores , Kevin Garcia, Melanie Molinaro , Olivia Harl