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Baby Jesus reported stolen from resident's lawn
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

Let’s hope this was an isolated incident, but a Downey resident is reporting that baby Jesus was stolen from her home’s outdoor manger scene after Christmas.

The resident, who identified herself only as B. Byron, says the light-up Jesus was stolen last Saturday night.

“When I mentioned it to a neighbor, they said someone (or more) were stealing the baby Jesus displays from people’s yards,” Byron wrote in an e-mail to the Patriot. “Has anyone in the Downey area been missing some of their lighted Christmas decorations, namely, the plastic Baby Jesus in a manger?”

Byron says the thief unplugged the baby Jesus but left Mary and Joseph “kneeling there, staring at the lawn.”

“If a number of them show up at the swap meet, then we will all know they have been ‘kidnapped’ from residents’ Christmas displays,” she says.

Byron didn’t say if she reported the theft to Downey PD. But it’s the first we’ve heard of any such crime occurring in Downey this holiday season.

Published: Thursday, January 3, 2013, WEB ONLY
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