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WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce, Editor

Whenever a town hall meeting or similar type of forum is held in Downey, the same question is inevitably asked: when is Downey getting a Trader Joe’s?

The answer: who knows?

City officials in the past have blamed our demographics, saying they don’t hold up to Trader Joe’s standards. This never made sense to me, considering Trader Joe’s has a location in Whittier. I’m from Whittier — I love Whittier — but it’s not any better than Downey.

There is even a ridiculous rumor that a long time ago an unnamed Downey official was rude and arrogant to a Trader Joe’s exec, and from that point on Trader Joe’s swore never to open in Downey.

Whatever the case, Downey wants a Trader Joe’s. From residents to council members to the administrators at City Hall, we all want a Trader Joe’s.

In case you doubted City Hall’s sincerity, the city registered the domain I stumbled across the site by accident today; the website is inactive, but according to Go Daddy, the domain was registered by the city of Downey on Oct. 28, 2011.

Also according to Go Daddy, the city of Downey owns 35 total domains, although to see the entire list they want $749 (no thanks).

Considering the domain has been inactive for nearly two years, it’s probably not likely will ever see the light of day. But it’s pretty cool to know that the city at least considered a marketing and PR effort that was outside the box.

Maybe one day Trader Joe’s will realize the vast potential of a store in Southeast L.A. County, specifically in Downey, where quality groceries are difficult to come by. But for now, our love for Trader Joe’s remains unrequited.

Published: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, WEB ONLY
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