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Downey delegation heads to Denver tomorrow
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce, Editor

We reported in April that a split City Council voted 3-2 to send a delegation to Denver this month to again compete in the All America City competition.

This week I requested and received a list of delegation members. (I asked for the list out of curiosity; the delegation leaves tomorrow but there’s been very little talk about it.)

The delegation totals 21 people (including six children), though not all are being funded by the city. Here’s the list, as provided by City Hall:

1.) Mario Guerra
2.) Ann Guerra
3.) Ryan Guerra (13 years old)
4.) Alex Saab
5.) Giggy Saab
6.) Dominic Saab (5 years old)
7.) Brian Saeki
8.) Rick Rodriguez
9.) Lupe Rodriguez
10.) Adrie Rodriguez (4 years old)
11.) Rick Rodriguez Jr. (veteran)
12.) Marisa Rodriguez
13.) Zeke Rodriguez (11 years old)
14.) Eli Rodriguez (8 years old)
15.) Manny Rodriguez (5 years old)
16.) Arnold Lopez (veteran)
17.) Jennifer Lopez
18.) Juddy Ceniceros
19.) David Garcete (veteran)
20.) Valentin Flores
21.) Gabriel Enamorado

City officials said the city is not covering expenses for children, or family of council members.

“Total costs as of right now is approximately $11,500 which includes airfare, hotels and materials for presentation,” said Juddy Ceniceros of the city manager’s office. “Fundraising is ongoing.”

The delegation plans to showcase Downey’s recent efforts to recognize local veterans, the revitalization of Downtown Downey, and the Columbia Memorial Space Center.

Published: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, WEB ONLY
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