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Fire union acccused of campaigning at Downey Adult School
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

Downey Fire union members are collecting petition signatures at Downey Adult School and urging voters to cast a ballot for Salvador Franco and Luis Marquez, according to Councilman Mario Guerra.

The fire union has proposed that Downey consider disbanding the Downey Fire Department and contract with L.A. County Fire.

A controversial proposed ballot measure would take away voters’ say in the matter and put the decision in the hands of the City Council.

Guerra posted the following on Facebook today:

“Fire union getting petitions signed to disband our fire department. Right on campus of Downey Adult School they are telling people that this petition would lower the threshold to disband. A big LiE. I am so embarrassed our Fire Union is doing this. A shock to our community and so wrong. Their petition would give 3 councilman the right to disband our police and fire and they are NOT telling the truth.”

Earlier, Guerra posted on Twitter that he was “shocked that our Downey Fire Union is at DAS trying to get signatures to disband our local fire dept. also promoting Franco n Marquez.”

Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012, WEB ONLY
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