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Free Beans to be replaced with apparent beer place
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

This is really too bad, but apparently Free Beans restaurant on Firestone Boulevard is closing (or has closed) and will be replaced with a new draft house.

Gabriel Enamorado, creative director for Stay Gallery, posted a photo on Facebook showing a change of ownership application posted to the restaurant’s front window.

I called Free Beans this morning and got no answer.

According to the application, the new business coming in is called 20/20 Draft House. I did a cursory Google search but couldn’t find any info on them.

Free Beans was really underrated and it’s too bad they’re not sticking around.

I’m curious, however, to learn about 20/20 Draft House. Beer places are doing really well in Downey; in fact, Downey Brewing Company recently announced plans to expand into South Gate with its Hops and Barley Alehouse.

Published: Tuesday, March 12, 2013, WEB ONLY
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