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Green Gardener searching for stolen bicycles
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce, Editor

Downey community leader Steve Perez – also known as the “Green Gardener” – is asking for help in tracking down two bicycles stolen from Stonewood Center on Sunday afternoon.

The bikes – a brown women’s three-speed and a yellow 4300 Trek mountain bike — were secured with a “thick cable” outside JC Penney’s when they were snatched at about 4:45 p.m.

The thieves are described as two young Hispanic men.

The bicycles, particularly the brown bike, has sentimental value to Perez. He had the Raleigh bicycle refurbished for its original owner, who had received it from her father as a birthday present in 1968.

The bike sat in a storage shed for several decades before Perez had it fixed and presented it to the owner on her birthday last year.

Due to failing eyesight, however, the original owner let Perez lend the bike to longtime family friend Diego.

“Diego has taken very good care of it,” Perez said. “The ‘Brown Bomber, as he affectionately calls the bike, has a sweet clicking sound to the gears and is a great ride. It is an irreplaceable bicycle.”

Perez is offering a $100 reward for the bike’s return, no questions asked. The thieves were last seen heading west on Firestone Boulevard.

If you have any info, call Steve Perez at (562) 519-1442.

Published: Monday, July 29, 2013, WEB ONLY
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