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Is this really it for DCLO?
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

The news wasn’t unexpected — Downey Civic Light Opera executive director Marsha Moode announced last summer that this season would be its last — but it’s still difficult to comprehend that the DCLO will cease to exist when its latest musical, “Paint Your Wagon”, closes June 16.

L.A. Stage Times has an informative wrap-up here.

Personally, I’m still clinging to the unlikely hope that an 11th hour compromise can be reached between Moode and City Hall. Or if Moode is unwilling to continue as executive director, someone (perhaps not as experienced but no less determined) can step in and assume her duties.

The DCLO is now in its 58th year. How ironic that it is scheduled to die when Downey’s arts scene is just beginning to blossom.

Published: Thursday, May 30, 2013, WEB ONLY
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