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Mario Guerra buys the Downey Beat
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

The Downey Beat is back with a new owner – mayor Mario Guerra.

In a posting today, Guerra announced that he purchased the site from Ben Baeder, who ran until family obligations forced him to give it up in September.

It remains to be seen if the Beat will continue as a news source, which could be difficult when it’s owned by an elected official. Under Baeder’s control, the Beat earned a reputation as a hard-nosed news site that wasn’t afraid to tackle controversial issues.

The site’s new editor is John Zander, a local photographer and videographer. Baeder will stay on for a short period to help Guerra with the transition.

“I recognize that it could be difficult for a member of the City Council to own a site that reports on the city’s political news,” Guerra wrote in a letter posted on the Beat’s website today. “While I will have my own weekly blog, the political articles will be done through Ben and John. I will have my own section to sound off on the issues that I am concerned about.”

Published: Tuesday, December 18, 2012, WEB ONLY
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