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Roybal-Allard calls on Obama to provide living wage
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard released a statement today saying she supports a living wage for federal workers, and urged President Obama to use his executive authority to make it happen.

Here is her complete statement:

“I proudly stand with my Democratic colleagues in support of a living wage for the two million federal contract workers whose job it is to serve the American people. It is particularly egregious that hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars go to private companies that pay low wages, provide few benefits, and offer employees little opportunity to access the American dream by working their way into the middle class.

“That is why I have urged President Obama to issue an executive order to raise wage standards, safeguard legal rights and safety, and provide labor stability for the low-wage workers that the federal government relies on to fulfill its mission. Such an action by President Obama would be an important step toward reversing the long-term decline in living standards and working conditions for America’s low-wage workers.

“It’s wrong for the federal government to have millions of Americans working full time without providing them with a living wage that could help lift them out of poverty. I call on President Obama to respect the hard work these Americans do and use his executive authority to provide them with the living wage they deserve.”

Published: Thursday, December 5, 2013, WEB ONLY
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