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Thursday morning report, June 19
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

Five things you need to know this Thursday morning:

1.) The City Council yesterday gave its blessing on a proposed budget for fiscal year 2014-15. If formally approved by the City Council Tuesday, it will be Downey’s third consecutive balanced budget. City officials project total revenue of $71.4 million, and the proposed spending plan would add nine city employees, including an executive director for the Columbia Memorial Space Center and five combination firefighters and paramedics.

2.) The city of Norwalk passed its own budget Tuesday but had to declare a fiscal emergency as it stands to lose up to $2 million in annual tax revenue. “This is not an easy decision — but it allows us to put a measure on the ballot,” Mayor Marcel Rodarte told staff writer Christian Brown. “We’re not really saying we’re in a dire financial situation, but if [the utility users tax] ends up on the ballot in November, the voters will have to decide. If it fails, we’ll have to cut programs.”

3.) If you’re on Facebook, yesterday I posted a photo gallery comparing Downey in 2007 to today. It’s a nice reminder of how far Downey has progressed in a relatively short amount of time. 

4.) Downey resident Emily Dunn will be a contestant on “The Price is Right” today. Show officials wouldn’t say how she fared, so you’ll have to tune it at 10 a.m. if you’re curious.

5.) Warren High School has its graduation today in the Cerritos College stadium.

Published: Thursday, June 19, 2014, WEB ONLY
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