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Tuesday morning report, July 8
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce

Five things to know this Tuesday morning: 

1.) Southern California Edison has a story on Downey twins who work hand in hand “to help bring power to Southern California.”

From the story:  “The two brothers were planning on becoming firefighters before they joined SCE. After graduating from Downey High School in 1978, they took temporary jobs with the Los Angeles County Fire Department helping fight brush fires.

“They enjoyed the excitement of being flown by helicopter to remote areas where they would cut fire breaks, and had hoped the job would serve as a stepping stone to permanent firefighting careers. But that never materialized.

“During a discussion about their futures, their dad suggested they apply for jobs with SCE. Not long after that, the brothers were following in their father’s footsteps. They both started their SCE careers as groundmen in Long Beach.”

2.) Tonight the City Council will consider starting the process of creating a downtown business improvement district or merchants association.

“With the rapid growth of Downtown Downey, staff has found an increase in the demand for certain services in the area, including street sweeping, steam cleaning, security, public art, etc.,” Community Development Director Aldo Schindler wrote in a staff report. “While the city currently provides regular general services to the downtown area, it is essential that alternatives sources be studied to provide continued funding for special services the downtown requires to maintain its vitality.”

The first step: hire a consultant at an amount not to exceed $70,000.

3.) Former Downey resident Rick Stoneberg died June 30 in Sun City, Calif. Stoneberg graduated from Downey High and established Rick Stoneberg Masonry in the early 70s. He lived in Downey for more than 40 years.

4.) The Downey Association of Realtors is now publishing a magazine. Click here to read the first issue.

5.) Downey High created a “Faces of Graduation” YouTube video (posted above).

Published: Tuesday, July 8, 2014, WEB ONLY
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