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Where to buy legal fireworks in Downey
WRITTEN BY :   Eric Pierce, Editor

Eighteen local non-profits have received the OK from city and fire officials to sell consumer fireworks in Downey.

Sales can begin Monday, July 1.

Here is a list of the groups selling fireworks and their booth locations:

Downey AYSO, 9200 Lakewood Blvd. (near Ralphs)
American Legion, 11269 Garfield Ave. (north of Gardendale)
CC Foursquare Church, 8718 Imperial Hwy. (at Barlin Ave.)
Downey High Cheer Boosters, 7915 Florence Ave. (near CVS)
Downey Rose Float Assoc., 8626 Firestone Blvd. (near Ralphs)
Jobs Daughters, Imperial & Bellflower
Downey Free Methodist, 9245 Florence Ave. (near Light & Life Church)
Warren High Band Boosters, 7900 Imperial Hwy. (near Apollo Park)
West Downey Little League, 7399 Stewart & Gray Rd. (at Old River School Rd.)
St. Raymond Church, 12270 Paramount Blvd. (Walmart market)
Warren High girls basketball, 7447 Firestone Blvd. (Bob’s Big Boy)
Warren High football, 7955 Firestone Blvd. (Norms)
NWDLL, 8530 Firestone Blvd. (near Chipotle)
Desert Reign Assembly, 9020 Firestone Blvd. (near Walgreens)
Calvary Chapel, 12808 Woodruff Ave. (near the church)
Downey United Methodist, 7676 Firestone Blvd. (near Albertsons)
Downey Elks Lodge, 11233 Woodruff Ave. (near Elks Lodge)
Rotary Club of Downey, 251 Stonewood St. (Stonewood Center

Published: Tuesday, June 25, 2013, WEB ONLY
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