Monday morning report, Nov. 2

Five things to know this Monday morning: 

1.) Ernie Hudson, who starred in the original "Ghostbusters" blockbuster alongside Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd, will be the grand marshal at the Downey Christmas Parade on Dec. 6. 

Hudson, who has a cameo in the upcoming reboot, is a friend of John Zander, who is on the Downey Chamber of Commerce's parade committee. 

The parade begins at 1:30 p.m. at Downey and Florence avenues. 

2.) You'll have to excuse local firefighters if they begin looking a little scruffy as the Downey Fire Department is participating in No-Shave November and raises money for the Brian Wolf Foundation. 

Due to equipment regulations, firefighters aren't allowed to grow full beards, only mustaches. 

"Many years ago, when there was no breathing apparatus, firemen would grow long mustaches and wet them, thinking they would serve as a filter and allow them to breathe a little longer in smokey environments," the department wrote on Facebook

"Today, fire department regulations on hair and beards state that in order to get a tight seal with the current air mask facepiece, a firefighter must be clean-shaven - except for a well-trimmed mustache. The mustache, according to regulations must not extend beyond the corners of the mouth or below any portion of the upper lip." 

3.) A cool Dia de los Muertos picture taken by Oscar Dominguez at the Downey Cemetery. (Hope he didn't get a ticket.)

4.) Graduates of Downey High have created an alumni association. 

"Our goal is to organize to be able to group to support different Downey High Programs including athletics, arts, and college scholarships," they say

5.) Cerritos residents have passed an ordinance banning new e-cigarette retailers. The Press-
Telegram calls it "one of the most restrictive policies in the state." 

A second ordinance requires businesses that sell e-cigarettes as secondary products - such as gas stations and convenience stores -- to obtain a tobacco retail license.