Monday morning report, June 15

Five things to know this Monday morning: 

1.) Casting is underway for "Lost Boys," a coming of age film set in the city of Downey based on the youth of Downey."

Pay and production dates are to be determined, but producers are casting for four teens (or young adults who look like teens). Details on Craigslist

2.) The bicyclist struck and killed on Lakewood Boulevard last Friday night has been identified as 69-year-old Adel Mikhail.

Mikhail was struck near Muller Street at about 9:30 p.m. He died at the scene. 

3.) Ralphs has job openings for grocery store clerks at both its Downey locations. (Thanks Kimberly Barnette for the head's up.)

4.) KNX interviewed lots of Downey community leaders last Friday when it broadcasted live from Porto's Bakery. Here's a quick recap in case you missed it. 

5.) Letter to the editor from Drew Kelley, about water waste in Bellflower:

"After receiving my Patriot this week, I spent a few minutes reprogramming my landscape timer to ensure the delivery times where within the new restrictions.

“Rules are for thee, not for me!”

Imagine my surprise, when on my Sunday-morning bike ride, to pass by Caruthers Park in Bellflower and find that either the drought does not exist in that fair city (which I lived in for 12 of my “formative” years, a long time ago), or that the quote above is the operative phrase as for so much of government these days:  IRS scandal, DoJ’s “Fast & Furious” arming of drug gangs both foreign and domestic, and we won’t even get into the Ex-Secretary of State’s email problems.

What happened at Caruthers?

Nothing, except massive amounts of water running off into the street (Ripon Ave.) and flooding the handicap ramp leading to the bike trail along the old PE right-of-way, at 9:35 am.