Monday morning report, June 27

Five things to know this Monday morning: 

1.) I would like to congratulate Christian Brown, Alex Dominguez, Carol Kearns, Bonnie Mansell, John Zander and Dr. Alan Frischer for being finalists in the L.A. Press Club's 58th annual SoCal Journalism Awards. 

The awards ceremony was held yesterday at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel downtown, and while we didn't come away with top prizes, it was still gratifying to see our work appreciated for its professionalism and impact on the community. 

We'll definitely be back next year. 

2.) The financially distressed city of Maywood is $16 million in debt and under investigation by state auditors, so what does it do?

It hires a city manager with zero municipal experience. 

3.) Downey firefighter engineer Ryan Schleiger was deployed to the Erskine Fire in Kern County over the weekend. 

4.) The Angels honored fallen police officer Ricky Galvez at a game last week. 

5.) Russell Skersick was installed as president of the Rotary Club of Downey on Saturday.