Tuesday morning report, March 15

Five things to know this Tuesday morning: 

1.) In an op-ed posted to his website, L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe announced he will ask the Board of Supervisors today to support civil contempt proceedings against Backpage, a website popular for prostitutes and underage sex trafficking. 

"This site is a marketplace for depraved child rapists, scumbag pimps, and predators to prey on young children who are forced to sell their bodies for sex night after night," wrote Knabe. "Despite Visa and Mastercard pulling their support for Backpage, ads featuring juvenile girls continue to populate the site. Let me be clear: Backpage profits from the sale of children for sex and they’ve shown neither remorse nor a willingness to stop.

"Backpage has ignored multiple subpoenas related to an online sex trafficking investigation involving the site."

2.) L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell penned an open letter to parents, warning them of teen sexting and the consequences it will have on their children. 

"Our youth need public figures and parents to work together and provide information to our families about the high-risk consequences of inappropriate photo sharing," McDonnell said. "We need and want to partner with high profiles individuals whose form of self-expression is not blatantly a form of commerce, but a demonstration of the importance of setting goals and teaching our children, but especially our girls, that they have more to offer than just their bodies."

3.) SEAACA is offering free spay and neutering for cats, regardless of whether they are indoor, outdoor or free roaming. 

To make an appointment, call (562) 803-3301, ext. 251.

4.) 16-year-old Angel Winans, of Downey, was diagnosed with Leukemia last week. Her family is raising money for medical expenses. 

5.) For sale: 25,000 sq. ft. lot in Downey, approved for eight townhomes. Asking price: $1.55 million.