New city council members start making board appointments

Newly-elected City Council members Blanca Pacheco and Rick Rodriguez have begun appointing their choice of residents to various boards and commissions. Board nominees require approval from a City Council majority, but that typically isn't an issue. 

Last month, Pacheco appointed local attorney Miguel Duarte to the Planning Commission, replacing Hector Lujan. Rodriguez's pick was Steve Dominguez, an aesthetic plastic surgeon who replaced Louis Morales. 

Both Planning Commission nominees were approved by the City Council. 

Tonight, council members will consider more appointments. Pacheco is recommending Carrie Uva, Hellen Carcamo and her mom, Mariana Pacheco, to the Public Works Committee. 

For the Green Task Force, Pacheco is nominating Manuel Salas, an L.A. County Probation employee.

Rodriguez is appointing Haley Guerra, daughter of former mayor Mario Guerra, to the Green Task Force. 

Mayor Fernando Vasquez is appointing Valentin Flores, executive director of Stay Gallery, to the Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board as a Downey representative.