Thursday morning report, Feb. 11

Five things to know this Thursday morning: 

1.) Porto's Bakery is the best place to eat in the entire United States, according to an aggregate of Yelp reviews.  

From USA Today: 

"The winners were determined using a combination of factors including ratings and total number of reviews. According to Yelp, “only reviews written by users whose profiles list their home location as within the reviewed businesses’ country were factored into the ranking.”


"While many might argue the steakhouse experience is No. 1 in the hearts of American diners, based on this list it appears the American palate is evolving towards a passion for barbecue (nine winners), tacos (six winners) and a range international cuisines."

2.) Downey Sister Cities Association meets at 6 p.m. today at the Columbia Memorial Space Center. The group will be discussing their upcoming trip to Ireland. 

3.) The Downey Fire Department is reporting a 14% increase in calls over the last two years. 

4.) Former Downey resident Allison Iraheta, who achieved a level of prominence after appearing on the eighth season of "American Idol," is crowdsourcing a 2016 summer tour.

Iraheta and her band, Halo Circus, will perform across the U.S. The band will play any city for $600. 

"What we really want to do is create an environment where we all feel like old friends by the time we meet in person," Iraheta writes. "We've been getting a lot of emails asking us "What if I just paid the $600 to get you here?". Firstly, that's awesome and YES.. you CAN do that.

"The thing that is most exciting for us about this is the community it builds. If you get people interested and the contribute $5, pretty soon their friends will contribute too and by the time we get to your town we've all made a bunch of new friends and had a great time even before we hit the stage."

5.) Photos from MOD Pizza's grand opening yesterday.