Thursday morning report, Oct. 1

Five things to know this Thursday morning: 

1.) The latest issue of the Downey Association of Realtors magazine is out and available online

The magazine is interesting, whether you're a real estate agent or otherwise. My favorite story: "Guide to Drones in Real Estate." 

2.) The Ridiculous Petition of the Day Award goes to this dumb idea to "turn the Downey insane asylum into a Halloween attractions [sic]." 

From the description: "The city of Downey has been making a lot of change this past year and in doing so they have destroyed historical buildings. The insane asylum in Downey has been a place of mystery for people of all ages for years!"

This idea is dumb for several reasons, but probably mostly because the site is owned by L.A. County. Sadly, more than 3,600 people have signed the petition regardless. 

3.) The Downey YMCA has named Giovanna Saab and Russell Skersick as recipients of its two top awards. 

Saab received the Red Triangle Award for service to the YMCA and community, while Skersick was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for length and breadth of service. 

The awards were presented at the YMCA’s 74th annual installation dinner Sept. 24 and are the YMCA’s highest recognitions. 

“Russell Skersick and Giovanna Saab have been outstanding YMCA and community leaders,” said Stephen Ferraro, Downey YMCA board chair. “As a result, they have touched lives of thousands of children in the process.” 

4.) The Downey Fire Department will take possession of this beast -- a 2015 Dodge Road Rescue ambulance -- in October.

"The new ambulance is receiving some final touches prior to being added to the DFD fleet," the department said on Facebook.

5.) Mayor Luis Marquez is endorsing a Compton councilman's bid for state Senate. Or is he