Tuesday morning report, April 12

Five things to know this Tuesday morning: 

1.) There is a City Council meeting tonight at 6:30 p.m. Here is the agenda

It's a fairly routine agenda, but one of the interesting items is a scheduled presentation by the Crawford Group on their Downey branding efforts. The Crawford Group is operated by the same group behind Stay Gallery. 

Councilman Roger Brossmer requested a presentation from Crawford Group last August. 

2.) At the request of Councilman Luis Marquez, council members also will discuss yard sales and how they are regulated in Downey. 

3.) Also on the agenda is a request from Mayor Alex Saab to eliminate admission fees to the Columbia Memorial Space Center for Downey students. 

"Making access to the Space Center as easy as possible...strengthens the bond between local students and the programs of the Center," city manager Gilbert Livas wrote in a staff report. "Free admission also encourages the Space Center to become an out-of-school destination for students and allows for easy use of the Center by student groups." 

Any loss in revenue could be recouped through increased marketing opportunities and gift shop sales, Livas said.

4.) Here's a cool slideshow of the Downey YMCA's 44th annual Easter Caravan. All images and videos by Gordon Sodetani. 

5.) Downey gets a random shout out in this L.A. Times article about West Hollywood politics.