Tuesday morning report, May 17

Five things to know this Tuesday morning: 

1.) Former mayor Mario Guerra gets prominent mention in this national story about being -- unbeknownst to him -- a Trump delegate. 

From the Kansas City Star: 

"Guerra, a member of the California Republican Party’s board of directors and a 2014 candidate for state Senate, said he made a mistake. He said he did not know – despite his position with the party and Trump’s standing as the presumptive nominee – that becoming a delegate would mean pledging his support.

On Thursday, Guerra said he asked the campaign to take him off the list, citing “personal business reasons.”

2.) The mother of late Downey Fire Department battalion chief Brian Wolf claims the city council retaliated against her family by vetoing a memorial that would have honored her son, who died of cancer in 2013.

Last week, Fr. John Higgins of St. Raymond's Catholic Church wondered out loud about a Wolf memorial, and hinted at political motives, writing, "I am hesitant to even imagine why he has been overlooked."

3.) Panera Bread at the Promenade will host a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 8 a.m. today.

4.) Today's interesting Craigslist item: an ATM.

5.) A Downey man was sentenced to a year of home detention and ordered to pay $300,000 in restitution after lying that contaminated beef was free of E.Coli. 

Jim Johnson, 67, worked as a consultant to a Montebello food processing an distribution plant. Federal prosecutors allege that Johnson intentionally provided falsified records food safety inspectors that stated the beef tested negative for E.Coli, when in fact it had tested positive. 

More than 5 million pounds of beef was recalled due to Johnson's actions, prosecutors said.