Tuesday morning report, Sept. 22

Five things to know this Tuesday morning: 

1.) The City Council meets at 6:30 p.m. tonight, and on the agenda is a discussion on bringing wi-fi to Downtown Downey and Furman Park. 

Council members have talked about expanding wi-fi in the past, with Councilman Fernando Vasquez the most vocal in bringing free wireless internet to public places. 

According to a staff report, the city has three options to expand wi-fi, and neither is cheap: 

a.) Utilize an existing fiber optic line near Firestone Boulevard and Downey Avenue and install corresponding access points. This option would cost about $152,697, with no recurring costs.

b.) Lease fiber optic lines from Time Warner Cable or Telepacific. This would cost about $37,697 in upfront costs, plus $44,000 annually. 

c.) The third option includes using the existing fiber optic line at Firestone and Downey to provide internet downtown, and leasing a line for Furman Park. This option would cost $52,697 upfront, and $21,588 annually. 

2.) Council members will also make appointments to the Downey Youth Commission (lots of familiar surnames are on the list of recommended appointments). 

3.) After dropping out of the Central Water Basin Association due to a dust-up in 2013, Downey is poised to rejoin the water group. 

4.) The Downey school board voted last week to refinance its previously-issued general obligation bonds, resulting in a $500,000 savings for taxpayers, DUSD announced. 

Officials also announced that the school district will access about $50 million in the first issuance of Measure O bond funds, approved by voters last year. 

5.) Desert Reign Church will host a ribbon-cutting at 4 p.m. It recently joined the Downey Chamber of Commerce.