Wednesday morning report, Dec. 30

Five things to know this Wednesday morning: 

1.) According to a post on the private Crime Watch of Downey Facebook page, a teenager was pretending to be soliciting donations door-to-door but ran off when a local resident became suspicious. 

Dorothy Pemberton says the kid knocked on her door near the Rio Hondo Event Center and asked for donations to support "Warren ROP." 

Below is Pemberton's version of events (all sic):

"I small talk and say I was with PTA. I ask where do you live? He points over there.. pointed to orange estates. I ask what confirm he his legit. Does not answer. Like a deer with headlights. I say again. .you're in high school and don't know what street u live on? He starter get out HIS PHONE!! I say what??? I now don't believe you and you Need to leave. Was I harsh? Are teens that dumb?? He did leave a paper to make a $20 donation. ..."

After speculation whether the kid was legit, DUSD school board member Donald LaPlante confirmed it was a scam. 

"I've confirmed with Phil Davis from the school district that we don't have any Career Technical Education (CTE) students out soliciting for ANYTHING door-to-door. Do not give them any money. Using the words ROP was a real give away. We haven't used that term for the program for several years. The only program that I know of from Warren that does any door-to-door soliciting is the Warren Band and they only do it at the start of the year AND they are wearing their band uniforms."

2.) Here is a really uplifting story from Cpl. Mike Pope, president of the Downey Police Officers Association: 

"Three days before Christmas a family in Downey had their car stolen from in front of their house on Brookshire Ave during the middle of the night. The parents had just bought presents for the kids and left all of the presents inside of their car in order to surprise their children on Christmas day. 

"I received the information from the Watch Commander that night.  The Downey Police Officer's Association pitched in and bought new toys and gift cards for their three kids. One officer even bought a new Xbox for the family. 

"Officer M. Hill and I delivered the gifts to the family on Christmas Eve and their kids were able to at least enjoy some new toys even during their time of dilemma. 

"It is such a pleasure to help people out that are truly in need and the family was truly appreciative of receiving their gifts. It made our Christmas even that more special."

3.) Warren High senior Sol Mendoza recently returned from a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, where she was part of a 24-member delegation fromt he National Society of High School Scholars. 

From Dec. 7-10, Sol was able to see first hand the legacy o Claes Nobel, senior member of the family that founded the Nobel Prize. 

Sol posted pictures of the trip on her public Instagram page

4.) Downey High School cheerleaders, dancers and ASB filled more than 150 bags with gloves, socks, beanies, non-perishable snacks and hygienic products for donation to local homeless residents. 

Every bag was decorated with personal messages, and the bags were distributed along with blankets. 

5.) A $22 million settlement has been reached to clean up a Superfund site in South Gate.