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Dr. Frischer

Paging Dr. Frischer - Low Testosterone

The condition that we will explore today often remains undiagnosed. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that up to five million American men have it, and only five […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Aging

We are indeed growing older. Perhaps wrinkles and gray hairs are appearing. Maybe it’s new aches and pains, or extra pounds. The process of aging necessarily causes changes; […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Stem Cells

Today’s subject is key to the future of medicine. Stem cell research is being conducted worldwide, and is frequently in the headlines. Earlier this month, in fact, the […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Singultus

When did you last have singultus? We all get it. It can be highly annoying, especially when it comes at the most inconvenient times! Hiccups (or hiccoughs, same […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Cravings

You just sent your partner to the store for a triple-fudge sundae and a large bag of chips. As you are ripping open the bag of chips, you […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Hyperbaric Chamber

Recently, I visited the Two Harbors area of Catalina Island – our family calls it Paradise. USC has a marine biology center there, where graduate students from all […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Edema

Along with the warm weather and school vacations, summertime does bring on its own unique health issues. Have you noticed that when you take off your socks at […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Chocolate

I am fortunate in my professional life: I have the perfect receptionist! She is highly skilled and has been working with me since the beginning of my career. […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Tourette's syndrome

Do you have the repetitive and uncontrollable urge to move a body part, make a sound, or close your eyes? These actions are known as tics and you […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Tinnitus

What in the world is that ringing in the ears, and why doesn’t anyone else hear it? It’s possible that you have tinnitus; a condition, not a disease, […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Morning breath

Do you wake up with bad breath? Almost all of us do. In fact, for every 3 of us, one probably has noticeable bad breath 24 hours a […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Life Expectancy

How long can we expect to live? That depends on where and when in history we reside, what genes we’ve been given, our lifestyle choices, and a good […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Colon Cleansing

We doctors are trained to understand and analyze a vast number of problems and treatments. Nonetheless, after many years of practice, I still encounter questions for which my […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Juicing

A short time ago one of my daughters had to undergo extensive jaw surgery. This child of mine loves to cook, as I do, and loves to eat, […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Multiple Sclerosis

Most of us are acquainted with someone who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease that affects the ability of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord to […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Growing Pains

Your child wakes up in the middle of the night complaining of unexplained leg pains. What is going on? Is there such a thing as growing pains? This […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Sarcoidosis

Congress has declared April to be National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month. Is this a disease you’re familiar with? Sarcoidosis is an abnormal response by the immune system. The result […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder. It has gone by many names-battle fatigue or gross stress reaction after WWII, combat fatigue or shell shock after WW1, and even soldier’s heart after […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Bed Bugs

How often have you heard the following? Good night, sleep tight; don’t let the bed bugs bite! Most of us don’t know the next line: …and if they […]

Paging Dr. Frischer - Pediculosis Capitis

I am writing today about pediculosis capitis – in honor of so many of us who have had our households overrun by this highly irritating, uninvited guest. Yes, […]