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Lost in Los Angeles

Noemi Rabina looks back with humor on what became an exhausting ordeal as she and her husband  tried to drive home after paying their property tax in person. […]

Is it legal to eat roadkill?

Q: A friend recently hit a deer, causing about $1,200 damage to the vehicle. He picked up the deer and put it in his truck to take home […]

Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor

The road to war between Japan and the United States began in the 1930s when differences over China drove the two nations apart. In 1931 Japan conquered Manchuria, […]

Lead singer Phillip Sparks
A Tourist in the Land of Music

Even before her son Phillip was a year old, Barbara Sparks knew he had a talent for music. Phillip plays with several bands and has performed at the […]

Seven ways to cut back on expenses this holiday season

When it comes to holiday spending, waiting in store lines all night and jostling for discounts will mean very little if you don’t have a budget that shapes […]

On death, dying and loss

DOWNEY – No matter how bad or good they have it, in some cases people welcome death, not knowing what it actually means to end up dead. And […]

The Kennedy Assassination

Karen Borrell grew up in a very rural town in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, she and her husband were […]

One Last Visit

Evelyn Watson has a special gift – she is a hospice volunteer, providing companionship in the final time of life for people who have no nearby family or […]

Custody battles: how to keep them economical

Custody battles are frustrating and hard to win. Parents who are looking to win sole custody during a child custody proceeding should prepare themselves for what may be […]

Duffel Stew

Owen Heninger is a retired psychiatrist who served during the Korean War when his unit was called up. Today, he and his wife have different views about what […]

Showbiz (in the blood?)

Years ago Kacie Cooper discovered that she loves performing. She still does stand-up, and wonders if her desire for “showbiz” is something she inherited from her grandmother who […]

Uncle Jerry

Some would say Elaine Held’s Uncle Jerry led a charmed life.  He was the kind of character that movies are made about. He survived a difficult childhood to […]

Remembering my old school days

In the 1940s, students were part of an education system known as the 6-4-4 Plan.

Japan - 1965

In 1965 Charlene Farnsworth and her parents embarked on an adventure that is not uncommon today, but rather unique at that time – a world tour, including the […]

Deer hunting in closed areas

Q: My son and I have drawn G37 tags. We have been trying for 15 years to draw this once-in-a-lifetime hunt. My concern is that the U.S. Forest […]

My Aunt

Dulce Ruelos was raised among her extended family after her mother passed away at a young age. One aunt in particular influenced the lives of many in Dulce’s […]

Football in Shades of Gray

Cynthia Vanasse is a new member of the class known for her positive outlook on life and satirical commentary. In this essay, she reflects on her lifelong enjoyment […]

Coming Home: Juan F. Higuera

DOWNEY – The “Best of the Best” is what can be said about the United States Marine Corps’ Juan F. Higuera. In June of 1999, Juan made the […]

Half & Half: a Story of an Immigrant

Maria Garcia grew up as the daughter of a university professor in the Philippines. As she describes her childhood, and later immigration to the United States, she reflects […]

My Cadillac

Many readers can empathize with Kacie Cooper’s desire for a car when she was in high school and also working.  When her dad drove her to Wilmington to […]