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Author Helen Hampton (right) at a boarding school in Maine where she spent three years in order to catch up on her studies after a year-long illness.
Boarding School

As a single, working parent in rural Maine, Helen Hampton’s mother made the courageous decision to put Helen in a boarding school so that Helen could catch up […]

Don’t let a neighbor’s barking dog drive you crazy

The most common complaint about dogs is their barking and other noises that they may make. Every city has law(s) against noise nuisances caused by a dog(s). Most […]

My Good Shepherd

Dulce Ruelos was born in a rural town in the Philippines, where her father traveled to work each week on horseback. When Dulce’s mother died unexpectedly at the […]

Keeping a skunk as a pet

Q: I live in Alameda and want to know if it is legal for me to keep a pet skunk? We will, of course, have the stink glands […]

Learning to Fly

Frank Novak grew up in a semi-rural area of New England. With no family television, he and his brother fished and hiked, and built their own toys. Not […]

Coming Home: Calvin Spencer

DOWNEY – Calvin Spencer knew he wanted to join the military since his freshman year of high school. Specifically, he wanted to join the Marines and be in […]

Coincidence? Or a sinister stranger?

It’s obvious from this story that Marie Garcia is a friendly person who has “never met a stranger.” But this particular encounter left her son worried, and he […]

Free advice: read contracts carefully before signing

If you always stop to read the fine print before signing anything, congratulations – your parents trained you well. If you don’t, beware: Your signature could commit you […]

Online dating? Signs she’s too good to be true

Not only have online dating sites opened up a whole new dynamic for singles looking for company – attitudes about the viability of these sites have become more […]

SEAACA is in need of a home for “Griffin,” a 3-year-old pug/corgi mix that weighs over 45 lbs.
Fat pets a growing problem in animal shelters

  DOWNEY – Although you think that sharing your cheeseburger with your pet is a wonderful treat, beware that you can be contributing to a future of complex […]

A Bride’s Journey to America

Asha Ramnaney was born in India and had only known her American-born husband a very short while when they married. A New Year’s Eve blizzard complicated the journey […]

Are you smarter than a smartphone?

Gloria Hannigan is a great-grandmother who embraces the present and sees the humor in everyday life. Shared Stories is a weekly column featuring articles by participants in a […]

Running with the Bulls

DOWNEY – Since leaving New York three weeks ago I’ve been on the go from Lisbon, to Lagos and Barcelona. After spending two relaxing days in San Sebastian, […]

Terry (left) and Larry Thien at the Saddleback Service Center. Photo courtesy Southern California Edison.
Twins work hand in glove bringing us power

Downey twins Larry and Terry Thien have identical careers with So Cal Edison.

After the War

Maria Zeemen spent three years of her childhood in a Japanese prisoner of war camp in Indonesia during World War II. Everyone in her family survived, but Maria […]

The Journey of a Thousand Miles

Dora Silvers is an east coast girl from New Jersey, but her husband Jack was from California.  Jack had served in the war, and after they married in […]

Rick and Lupe Rodriguez are founders of the Living Tree Foundation, which supports U.S. veterans returning home from service. Photo by John Zander
In Downey and across the country, every soldier has a story

Introducing a new series: “Coming Home: A Veteran’s Story”

The Magic of Ordinary Days

Karen Borrell grew up in a small New York town in the Adirondacks, having no idea that life’s twists and turns would eventually lead her, as a wife […]

Carrying the Dead

Owen Heninger was a young teenager during World War II. With so many men serving their country, Owen was sometimes called upon to do a man’s job at […]

No Longer Invisible

Gail Earl finished high school under the most trying of circumstances – she was a new student in Santa Monica for her senior year. Anxious and shy, she […]