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COUNSEL’S CORNER: be careful when firing your contingency fee lawyer

We have all seen those commercials that promise big money to people that have been involved in an accident and have gotten injured. The one thing they all […]

Lessons from Georgia

Kay Halsey was born in Atlanta in 1920, the daughter of immigrants from England. Her father was a minister, and her summers at his church camp in rural […]

Who was Albert Ball?

DOWNEY – In an era when brave men and women of all ages ventured into an uncharted West seeking fame and fortune, Albert Louis Ball, a Pennsylvania native, […]

Employers should look past college degrees

Exorbitant student loans constitute just one reason why young people eager to experience the world may want to reconsider college, says Ed Basler, a veteran entrepreneur. There is […]

5 errors that can undermine your small business

The dream of launching a business runs deep in the American psyche, but more often than not those dreams go bust. Half of new U.S. companies fail in […]

Japanese New Year

Nobuyo Avery grew up in Manchuria before World War II, and she describes the importance of the New Year in Asian culture. It is a time of cleaning, […]

Remembering Huell Howser

Journalist’s folksy storytelling and knack for digging out hidden treasures is missed.

Boron High: From tragedy to triumph

After the death of a teammate, high school football team learns it can overcome.

The Crow

Janice Collins and her family enjoy animals. Many readers may have had an experience similar to hers if they have ever rescued a baby bird. Shared Stories is […]

Honeymoon in Paradise

Recounting a vacation to celebrate a wedding anniversary, Yolanda Adele shares her mixed feelings about the location and time of the year. Shared Stories is a weekly column […]

Weekend Wedding

Many people tie the knot in Las Vegas, but not all marriages last as long as that of Evelyn Watson. Las Vegas was a smaller town when Dwight […]

The ‘F’ Word

Now that the holidays are over, Kacie Cooper’s essay is a timely reflection on a topic that is a source of frustration for many of us Shared Stories […]

Welcome Home

Karen Burrell is from New York, but lived for over 20 years in Mexico, working and raising a family. Separating from her husband prompted a life-changing move back […]

Party Invitations from 2014

In this essay, Cynthia Vanasse looks at last year’s events through a humorous lens. Shared Stories is a weekly column featuring articles by participants in a writing class […]

New Year’s resolutions

The Downey Patriot asked readers on Facebook for their New Year’s resolutions. Below are some of their answers: Michael Chirco: Stop drinking alcohol. Trisha Saulenas: Forgive those who […]

Yours, mine and ours: planning step family finances

The Pew Research Center reports ( that four in 10 American adults have at least one steprelative, defined as a stepparent, a step-or-half sibling or a stepchild, in […]


Elaine Held grew up in South Dakota at a time before the farms in the area had water for indoor plumbing, and using an outhouse in winter was […]

A Mitzvah on Christmas Eve

Dora Silvers is a longtime Norwalk resident who grew up in New Jersey. In this piece, Dora recalls one year when Hannukkah and Christmas Eve coincided, and her […]

Lost in Los Angeles

Noemi Rabina looks back with humor on what became an exhausting ordeal as she and her husband  tried to drive home after paying their property tax in person. […]

Is it legal to eat roadkill?

Q: A friend recently hit a deer, causing about $1,200 damage to the vehicle. He picked up the deer and put it in his truck to take home […]