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Diane’s new life

Helen Hampton has lived in southern California most of her life. In this piece she describes a situation in her family that might have remained hidden in an […]

The escalating costs of prom

If you’ve got teenagers, you already know how expensive high school can be. Besides food, clothing and school supplies, a whole host of extracurricular activities are competing for […]

Cruising the streets

Katie Troy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis ten years ago, and she strives for optimum health and independence with a well-planned diet and a positive outlook. Katie is […]

Riding the buddy seat

Lois Tannehill was the typical wife and mother who raised a family, kept house, and sang in the Bellflower Choir. But when her husband bought a motorcycle, she […]

The accordion, the attorney, and my passion

DOWNEY – As a kid, a salesman knocked on our door one day and after a few hours successfully talked my father into purchasing an expensive accordion and […]

Bicycle: Bridge to the future

Bicycles as a symbol for change, progress and transition out of a declining era.

Are you prepared for an earthquake?

The following are things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property in the event of an earthquake. Before an earthquake: •To begin preparing, you […]

Bicycle Safety: share the road

Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists on the road. (Vehicle Code 21220(a)).  Here are some helpful hints for motorists: •What to Expect – By law, […]


Gloria Hannigan is sometimes referred to as the “Erma Bombeck” of the class. Her thoughtful essays, ranging in topics from daily life to national politics, are laced with […]

5 Questions: John Zander

“5 Questions” is an occasional feature in which we ask five questions of Downey business and community leaders. This week’s participant is photographer John Zander. Interview by Eric Pierce

A Dream Vacation

Karen Borrell is a world traveler who has visited and lived in many other countries. But in 1947, she was a school girl in a town of less […]

Getting to know: Mohammad Mostahkami

New director of public works started new job in Downey last month.

Getting to know: Kathy Perez

Downey resident and Norwalk teacher Kathy Perez has a love for community.

Bicycle Safety: safety reminders

1.         Crashing or falling while not wearing a helmet 2.         Bicyclists on the wrong side of the street 3.         Pedestrians trying to cross the street mid-block 4.         Not […]

Week 3
Bicycle Safety: Be predictable!

*Ride in the same direction as cars (Vehicle Code 21650.1). Drivers are not looking for wrong way bicyclists. *Follow the same rules of the road as drivers of […]

The Heist

Claire Hess’s introduction to college life included a college prank that left her shaken and full of remorse. It was a simpler time in northern California, and the […]

Our Global Community

Mina Chudilowsky is a California girl with a thoughtful, global perspective.In this essay she shares what she has learned from the scores of people who have participated in […]

Water conservation tips

Landscape Irrigation – Outdoor landscaping can consume 50% or more of the water used at a property. Focus on reducing evaporation, eliminating runoff, and only watering as much […]

The Carry

Owen Heninger is a retired psychiatrist who grew up in Utah. His father, also a doctor, taught Owen everything required for country living. In this story, Owen reflects […]

My First Valentine

Dulce Ruelos grew up in a large family in the Philippines. The tradition of Valentine’s Day is as strong as in the United States, but the behavior of […]