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Letters to the Editor

Downtown trouble

Dear Editor: When I read in The Patriot about the downtown organization to provide additional security and clean-up services as the area becomes more heavily patronized by the […]

Illegal immigration

Dear Editor: This is in reply to Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard’s editorial. (“Downey Congresswoman Condemns Year of Inaction,” 7/10/14) The Senate passed a bill on comprehensive immigration, which was […]

Furman Park

Dear Editor: The city of Downey is demolishing the children’s playground at Furman Park and the reconstructing a new one through the help of the Kiwanis Foundation. The […]

Poetry Matters

Dear Editor: At last, a nice change. Finally, “Poetry Matters” and Lorine Parks was missing in the July 10 edition of the Patriot along with the advertisement of […]


Dear Editor: I would like to applaud Louie Zamperini’s courage and miraculous survival of a horrible experience which was above and beyond all human endurance and expectations. A […]

Immigration problems

Dear Editor: Regarding the illegal aliens from Central America: Republicans are called racists. Mexicans are concerned. Who’s concerned about securing our borders? The White House secures its borders […]

Journalism awards

Dear Editor: For excellence in journalism, Patriot writers and graphic designers received recognition recently from the L.A. Press Club, four awards in demanding fields. Well done! And I […]

Greed in healthcare

Dear Editor: In regards to Greg Lopez’s recent encounter with a physician for severe stomach cramps, I found the response from Drew Kelley to be misplaced. To suggest […]

Downey Democrat

Dear Editor: The July 4 edition prompts this letter. With your chosen name I expected to see at least one article or commentary on patriotism but what did […]


Dear Editor: In addition to the $2,000 fine for illegal fireworks, the city should enlist the help of anyone who wants to help by giving to them half […]

Fast cars

Dear Editor: As I understand things, the speed limit on the roads of the U.S. is 65 miles per how. Now, I know that some places have a […]

Cool kid

Dear Editor: The parents should be proud of the boy who collects blankets and newspapers for local shelters. (“Shawn Goodner: One Cool Kid,” The Downey Patriot, 6/19/14) What […]

Medical diagnosis

Dear Editor: Do I have this correct? Greg Lopez was suffering from “severe abdominal pain and cramps” through a month-long waiting period and is upset that the doctor […]

Foster Square

Dear Editor: I live near Foster Square at the corner of Foster Road and Woodruff Avenue. The Square has been allowed to fall into disrepair. It is the […]

American flag

Dear Editor: Independence Day, the Fourth of July, is an ideal day to fly your flag. It is customary to display the flag only from sunrise to sunset […]

Make Music Downey

Dear Editor: Make Music Downey is well on its way to becoming the best annual public event in Downey. The variety of music is amazing, and the quality […]

Furman Park

Dear Editor: I am upset that both playgrounds at Furman Park are under construction during our kids’ summer vacation period. The playgrounds are appropriate for children aged 2-12. […]

McDonald’s drive-thru

Dear Editor: I agree with Joan Bryan when she wrote about the McDonald’s drive-thru on the corner of Gallatin and Lakewood. Between the lines of cars waiting to […]

Student opportunities

Dear Editor: I really appreciated having the opportunity to have sent one of our third grade classrooms to the Stay Gallery in support of the “Stay Young Initiative.” […]

Bad doctors

Dear Editor: Last week I received a letter form my HMO showing the charges that were sent to them for my office visit to the doctor. I was […]